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Project UP

Walking with you to live, grow, and finish life well.

ensuring there are no holes

Project UP (or UP) is a unique way to view and consider  YOU - whole you - and your family as you deal with the journey of life..  


By regularly looking at where you are now and considering where you want to go, you can orchestrate the details of your life to be the optimum expression of yourself.  Take control of those details, and they won’t control you later.

Project UP helps create a detailed action plan to address both simple and more complex, intertwined issues with legal, financial, insurance, logistical, and social aspects of preparing for the unexpected as you journey through life. 

who ties it together

Our team consists of a unique blend of resources who have dealt with the messes that are made when you don't plan and also offer expertise in the areas that are needed for comprehensive, holistic life, transition, and death planning. 

how we take it UP for you

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Fill out a quick form for us to get a high-level understanding of your life and goals 


Project UP team has a call with you to discuss your goals and areas that need to be addressed 


Project UP puts together an action plan based on the call and what our team of experts advises  


You select what you want to complete and what you would like Project UP to take on for you. 

Need more details? Contact us

We are here to help. Contact us by phone, email or our contact form. 

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